Club House
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About Club House

A new club house on the move! That's our exclusive gift for you this festive season. We are all set to kickstart the dream project of building a clubhouse, that which is, Luxuriant.... Stylish.... Contemporary.... Stylish with a larger than life feel. Engulfed in the supreme beauty of Mother Nature that encompasses awestruck fountains, water bodies and lush palm trees is the proposed clubhouse-to-be. The two-storied building includes a basement with an exclusive floor plan that accentuates the glazing double height and the onlooking tensile fabric. From a swimming pool that plays host to the sunken bar and a corner exclusive for kids to an air conditioned Gym for the fitness enthusiasts, sequestered nooks for yoga and meditation along with a Conveno , a small supermarket where you can get your day to day necessities and the pool table and indoor game corners designed for the gamers, the club house is all of this with amenities like ATM, pharmacy and more! Did you think that we would let you in without focussing on your requisites? Well... You guessed it right! Whether you look up to a family outing or a business gathering, the clubhouse offers a multipurpose hall & Banquet lawn to bring life to all your happenings.

     Ground Floor                                                                                     First Floor