Infused with comfort and style, surrounded by tones that please and touched by the unsurpassed beauty of Mother Nature.

If luxury and comfort is what you desire, our villas are just for YOU. Built on an expansive green land with looks of a carpet, this building is an exotic haven for anyone who yearns for something unique and different. It is all green to the farthest of point that you can see. The mesmerizing backdrop with palm groves encapsulating the property makes it a go-get-it one. Whether you bask in the morning sun in the outdoor patio over your favorite cappuccino or sit in the balcony to gaze at the evening stars, you will be truly taken by storm by the exoticness prevalent all around.

The garage area is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate your vehicle. The glass to glass joints, the floating lawns, and the overall design elements adds up to the aesthetic appeal of the property. The crystal like huge windows will brighten you up when you get the sensual touch of the first rays of the gleaming sun. The immediate landscape view that you are exposed to through those windows is got to take you over. A completely private setting, perfect for unwinding one's soul, it is truly a 'dream come true' home. The property is a reflection of the architect's attention to finer details.